Here's a selection of our speakers available for hire. Of course, if there is something you would like to hire but you don't see it here just give us a call and we will do all we can to help. Roll your mouse over any image for more information.


Compact two-way 12-inch system with 300 watts continuous, 1,200 watts peak power handling. Delivers over 125 dB continuous, 131 dB peak at full power (at 1 m) l Molded-in 65° x 65° constant-directivity high-frequency horn allows vertical or horizontal orientation without changing coverage pattern lypropylene enclosure is lightweight and extremely durable l Parallel Neutrik Speakon®


Two-way 15-inch full-range system with 400 watts continuous. 1K6 watts peak pwr handling l DL15SX. 15-inch woofer and large enclosure volume extend and raise bass output. Asymmetric 75° x 60° constant-directivity high-frequency horn aims down 10° Helps direct sound at the audience when vertically stand mounted l Horn loading of the woofer controls the coverage pattern down to nearly 500 Hz for greater musical clarity. More bass punch at greater distances than conventional front-loaded woofers.


Dual 15-inch 2 way high output stage system with 700 watts continuous, 2,800 watts peak power handling. High-Q 60° x 40° horn has incredible projection even in difficult acoustic environments. DL15BFH woofers deliver impressive bass response. Ring-Mode Decoupling delivers accurate, detailed vocals and instruments. RoadWood enclosure is strong and covered in industrial-grade black carpet. Dual Neutrik Speakon connectors for loss-free connections.


Ported Bass cab with an 18" Woofer delivers massive bass at 300watts Ideal for use with SX500, SX300, RCF ART 300 or the Philos 10's. Lightweight compact units with plenty of punch.


Two Way Horn Loaded Speaker System 350 watt long term capacity. Rotatable coaxial mid/high section Rugged, road-ready cabinet; metal grille; black carpet finish. High "Q" system for increased intelligibility. Neutrik Speakon® inputs


Double 18-inchSubScoop™ Low-FrequencySpeaker System Subwoofer for augmenting the lowfrequency performance of the MTH-1 mid/high module, and other stage systems. Two DL18MT woofers for reliable, extended low-frequency output 800-watt long-term power capacity Horn loading provides increased throw. Rugged, road-ready cabinet; metal grille; black carpet finish. Neutrik Speakon® inputs. Rear casters for improved portability

DAS - DS-12

The Dynamics Series is especially appropriate in clubs, discos, gymnasiums, general PA, or any application that requires sound reinforcement in a lightweight, compact enclosure. Applications: Frequency response 55 Hz - 20 kHz, Power handling RMS(*) 300 W. Program Power(**) 600 W. Sensitivity (1 W/1 m) 98dB SPL. Max SPL at full power 129 dB. Nominal Impedance 8 Ohms Dimensions (HxWxD) 58 x40 x 32 cm.

Ecler Philos 10

Shock-proof acoustic enclosures made of polypropylene, designed to last a lifetime, resistant to sunlight, water and corrosion. Can be mounted on a tripod or suspended on a wall or ceiling using the embedded nuts. Enclosures are particularly suited for any mobile application as well as fixed installations like discos, pubs, or any form of musical entertainment. Also suited for stage monitoring of musical instruments. Power rating (RMS) 200W Impedance 8 ohms Built-in Crossover two way full range speaker.


Compact 12" 2 way speaker, the RCF ART-300 gives a serious punch of 350 watts music power. The exterior is plastic moulded and has built in handle, top hat for stand mounting and M10 threaded holes for flying from rigs etc.

Electro Voice T252+

Dual-15-inch two-way speaker with 800 watts continuous, 3,200 watts peak power handling. Ring-Mode Decoupling and frequency shading of the lower woofer produces beautiful vocals, excellent midrange clarity and solid bass response. DH2T 2-inch pure titanium compression driver coupled with High-Q 60° x 40° Constant-directivity horn. Can be run passive or biamped. Dual Neutrik Speakon connectors. Enclosure is built from 18 mm plywood and covered with black industrial carpet for protection during transportation.


This 12" active speaker is bi amplified with a parametric eq built in. 300w Continuous Handling, Peak power output 600w. KAM IMS-15 PRO POWERED This 15" active speaker is bi amplified with a parametric eq built in. 400w Continuous Handling, Peak power output 800w


The new Gemini GX speakers includes the very latest technology in lightweight ABS design. Trapezoidal design for increased sound definition on vocal frequencies. Built in mini mixer and amps make them idea for PA and disco use. 12" Aluminum die-cast woofer - 200 watts RMS Compression driver with 1.5” titanium diaphragm. Balanced Line Input and Output. Built in mixer for 1 XLR Microphones and Line Input